Since the beginning of MMORE, we were trying to be as sustainable as possible and have a low carbon footprint. That's why we decided to make the most sustainable decision for us and for our customers and partnered up with postNL in getting our packages to you. 

Because sustainable logistics is not an easy thing to optimize, we decided to join a company that has years of experience in sustainable logistics and is still investing and optimizing it.

PostNL has taken the steps to make their company sustainable in every aspect not only logistics but also by being a good employer. 

Their environmentally-friendly logistics include network efficiency, sustainable packaging, sustainable building, sustainable fuels, and happy workers. They have also set a goal for themselves to deliver letters and parcels emission-free in the Benelux countries by 2030.

Their sustainable logistics include delivering packages with as low of a carbon footprint as possible. Which includes delivering mail by foot and by bike. For bigger and more difficult packages they use clean models of transport and encourage drivers to make their trips efficient and to reduce their kilometers by making smartly planned trips. Part of their vehicle fleet runs on sustainable fuels such as bio-LNG and HBO100 and is using more and more electric vehicles. 

That’s why we decided to join their plan,  and improve our carbon footprint even more. Sustainability and environmentally friendly options are one of our main pillars for MMORE company and we are proud to make a bigger step in the right direction.


For more information about PostNL and their sustainable and responsible choices, you can visit their website:, or read their sustainability articles here:


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